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  • Free phone consultation. We will request you send pictures via email/txt or we can have a video call to assess the project and discuss what needs to get done.

  • Sorting. We will go through items that can be donated, recycled or tossed (this will require input from you so we don't accidentally donate a family heirloom or precious memory!)

  • Create a plan. We will customize a strategy for organizing! We will also do the shopping for any supplies, bins, baskets, etc. if they are needed and/or wanted. These items are not always required and we can always come up with alternatives if you don't wish to buy new.

  • Execute the plan. No need for you to be present for this step, we will take care of everything!

  • Hauling away the goods. We will take away any donations/trash that accumulate during the project off your hands to leave you stress free!

  • Follow up. We will follow up 2-4 weeks after completion to make sure you are still satisfied with the finished product and ensure the new organization plan is working for you!

What's Included

*Rates will be discussed during consultation. There is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to organizing so we will make sure to customize every solution to fit your life.

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